As this is my first ever post I thought it may be a good idea to start of with a few personal opinions and some information so that you, my lovely reader can get to know me a little bit. My name is Yulia, hi! As a former model I’d like to think that i know my way around fashion even though my opinion on some latest trends may not be that of a true fashionista. I’m more of a believer in dressing to suit yourself, not to please a magazine or a catwalk. I believe that style is confidence. If you are dressed in something you feel confident in and something that is suited for your age and body, you look stylish. Dont for one second think you will be considered stylish or fashionable if you look like mutton dressed as lamb, even if it is the latest Christopher Kane. Think about all the greatest style icons throughout the years. Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Coco Channel, Victoria Beckham. All of these women knew what worked for them, what looked good on them and they consistently stuck to it, or in Posh’s case, still sticks to it. You’d never see her in baggy baby doll dresses, or loose boyfriend style, even when it was on every page of Vogue. She always looks feminine, nipped in, skin-tight, high heels, AMAZING! I once read that on the set of one her movies Katherine Hepburn was told that her beloved trousers would be inappropriate and that she should wear a dress. So she walked around the set in her underwear until they gave her back her trousers. The woman definitely knew what suited her best. When you look at pictures of all these women, there is something natural and elegant about them. They are powerful in their presence and purposeful in the way they carry themselves. I can assure you that a lot of it is feeling confident and comfortable with themselves, their wardrobe and knowing that they are dressed in what suits them best. I’m sure that take away Audrey’s Givenchy dresses, Capri pants and ballet flats, put her in a mini and biker boots and jacket, she too would look awkward, uncomfortable and without her so-called ‘air of cool.’

As much as I believe in dressing for your self, I also believe in the following:

  • Never wear a full pink velour track suit, especially if you are curvier than average and in that case just don’t wear velour!
  • Never wear a complete Burberry outfit, full classic pattern, with Burberry accessories and footwear. Especially if it’s all fake!
  • Never dress in a full baby pink outfit if you are above 8 years old and you are a girl. Especially if you are in your 40’s!
  • Never wear sky-high heels if you can’t walk in them properly.
  • Never wear a maxi dress if you are under 5’7, unless with sky-high heels you can walk in.
  • Never think that just because the front of your outfit screams a designer label people will think you know fashion. It’s REALLY TACKY!

That’s just a couple of points. Throughout my blogging carrier my aim is to provide you with whats best and whats new. I will be watching fashions not just on the catwalk’s and the pages on glossies, but fashions in health and fitness, music, food, going out and general life, as well as sharing what I’ve been up to, which will mostly be trying out what I post. I hope you stay tuned and watch this page.


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