Different scene, different fashion.

Last weekend I completely stepped out of my comfort zone, which I do think is fun sometimes. I, a blonde girly girl attended Sonispheare, a heavy rock festival, which was a first for me. Not only do I never listen to the music, but the idea of platform plastic boots and studded choker’s usually makes me want to vomit. Then it hit me that there is a very high chance that the idea of a bodycon mini and Christian Laboutins would probably bring on the same feelings of nausea to any die-hard heavy metal fan. The conclusion I came to after a number of these thoughts is that your scene sets what you believe is fashion and strangely enough little bits of every scenes fashion is what makes what we see in the magazines today. So I decided to give the rockers a chance, maybe they’re on to something.

Dressed in my tightest black jeans a dark checkered shirt, which I tied. Messy hair and lots of heavy eye liner , which I also made my boyfriend wear for amusement, we went over to the dark side. Having really tried my hardest, on arrival I realised that I still couldn’t have looked more out of place. Dark ripped T-shirts printed with various band names seemed to be as much of a wardrobe staple as the little black dress and tatoo’s seemed to be the accessory to have, coupled with lots of string and metal bracelets. Walking over to the main stage, where Placebo were about to go on, my boyfriend looked as excited as a teenage girl about to see the backstreet boys as we stepped over the several passed out, face first on the grass rockers. Not a single booty pop in sight, head banging seemed to be the move of the night as the band rocked out their incredible songs, making me more addicted with every strum of the guitar. I had a great time and will never turn my nose up at rockers again, and even though I’m not quite ready to hang up my flirty dresses and bright colours just yet I’m definitely buying a CD. It’s always good to have a balance.

Student rockers and the master

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