Gaga Saga

Can someone please tell me what happened here? The only thing I can think of is that someone put our lady here through a shredder and she somehow managed to survive! Dont get me wrong, I love Gaga and all her outrageous outfits, but to me this is a big NO! I don’t think even 80’s Madonna would do this to herself.

I always thought that the point of clothes and fashion was to cover your naked body. Even the skimpiest of dresses manage to cover my boobs and knickers, so I find this outfit quite a revelation (pardon the pun). At least she went to the trouble of covering her nipples with silver stars, which I’m sure some stripper has been searching for in her undressing room.

I hope that this outfit is the first and last in Lady Gaga’s “experimentation” and that she goes back to her so to say everyday style. I love the big shoulder’s, masks and the structures of the costumes that are created for her, they really show her imagination and creativity. The above, I’m afraid is neither imaginative or creative, but slightly psychotic in my eyes. Gaga please never do this to me again!

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