Grandma isn’t always right!!

Flicking through Grazia over the last couple weeks I came across something that slightly confused me. New seasons Granny wardrobe!? I’m not talking like the time we stole our boyfriends jeans, I’m talking the whole 9 yards. Models walking the catwalk in outfits that look like they have been stolen directly from their gran. The fact that all the girls appeared to be no older than 16, it looked a little like they were all going to a fancy dress party.

My take on fashion and clothes is that it’s supposed to make women look sexy adding to their confidence and appeal. I personally don’t remember anyone, my granddad aside, thinking that my gran is sexy. Or any gran for that matter.

In my opinion young women are not supposed to be walking around in calf length A-line skirts. It’s not a flattering length on anyone. No matter how good your legs are you always end up looking like a stump. If you want to do A-line why not try this seasons catwalk dominator, the shift dress! It’s short, it’s young, it’s flirty and sexy, which ticks all the boxes on my list. Also most importantly to me, the shift dress is versatile. You can make it casual and wear it alone with a pair of pumps, you can dress it up with a pair of heels to show off your legs. It is also a perfect dress for the winter. You can keep warm by wrapping yourself in another season hit the cape, which is a perfectly suited shape for the shift. It will accentuate your own shape if paired with a waist jacket or make you sizzle hot in the new aviator.

So if you’re looking to the catwalks for your wardrobe this season, please don’t save money by stealing from your grandma’s closet, Invest in a shift dress and change your look everyday!

Here’s next seasons Giambattista Valli collection. As a man taking over the fashion world he knows what makes a woman look good and it’s definitely not borrowed from gran.

Giambattista Valli

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