A SOS!!!

When I received a request from my good friend to blog about a link she sent me, I was excited to see what it was she was so fascinated with, especially when I saw that the link was to ASOS.com. As I waited for the page to load I thought of all the beautiful things it could be and hoped it wasnt too expensive because I knew I would want it. My fears as well as my excitement soon faded when the link took to a photograph of a plastic see through poncho, on sale (hmm wonder why that is???)

Even the model in the shot couldn’t hide her disapproving look at having to wear this hideous……. thing? I think the only way anyone could justify trying to sell something that is made 100% from Polyurethane (a word I can barely pronounce) for £48 is the fact that its see through and even if it’s raining you still can show off your fabulous outfit underneath. Although I cant help but think even the most amazing clothes would be lost under this so called ‘poncho.’ I personally would rather sacrifice my outfit being seen to not appear as if I’m in a plastic wrapper, but I’ll let you make up your own mind on this one.



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