The Print with 9 Lives…

I always thought that animal print would have been one of those trends that has a big splash one season and then disappears for another 20 years. So you can imagine how surprised I was when it continued to stick around season after season and is still going strong with celebs everywhere looking like jungle queens. The print has now taken over every item of an outfit, tops, dresses, bags, shoes, coats and many accessories keeping the trend alive for yet another season.

The leopard print, which has remained the most popular has been spotted on several A-list starlets and on many Autumn/Winter runways. Cheryl Cole wore a strapless leopard print dress to the Glasgow auditions of X-factor, Katy Perry was spotted wearing a yellow D&G Leopard print mini whilst filming for Gossip Girl in New York and Hillary Duff has proven that even leopard print trousers can look good if worn with the right top and accessories. Victoria Beckham, the queen of style herself was pictured carrying a tiger print bag on her arm and even Mulberry have gone beyond their traditions and created the £1,650 Alexa leopard print bag. Kate Moss was seen leaving her home in an animal print coat and Alexa Chung even walked the red carpet dressed in a similar coat.

Leopard print has often got a bad rep for looking cheap and tacky, but as you can see it can look amazing when worn correctly. Do you really think Posh would be seen in something labeled as tacky?……I didn’t think so.

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