It’s all about the Nails!

With so many bags, shoes and jewellery in our closets, there is a need for a new, exciting accessory and that accessory is fashion nails! There are many salons across the country that will give you a simple manicure at an extortionate price, but my beautiful and very talented friend Philippa Calver can provide you a manicure with a twist at more reasonable terms.

Doing a little bit of light Facebook stalking one evening I came across pictures posted by Pippa of the amazing work she does and immediately contacted her wanting my own nail makeover. Arriving at her house a few days later there is already a huge vanity case waiting on the kitchen table, which when opened revealed more nail varnishes then I’ve seen in a beauty salon. “I collect nail varnishes from everywhere, wherever I see one I fall in love with I buy it. My favourites are OPI, Nails Inc and Barry M, they always do great colours.”

A hobby that started after reading a blog about nail art, Pippa has perfected her talent through much research and study. She has even been noticed by WAH, London’s biggest nail art boutique.

After showing me endless images of what she has to offer, I decide to go for a leopard print on a very deep purple base. She first gives my embarrassingly neglected nails a bit of a clean up and then begins working her magic. First is the base coat by Nails Inc, after that slightly dried Pippa did two coats of a newly purchased dark purple, then came out the nail art pen with which she so carefully and neatly painted perfect black leopard prints all over my nails. “Before I had this pen I used to do this with a thin paintbrush.” I’ll bet that required a steady hand!

The very in right now leopard print is one of the many options on Pippa’s menu. From various animal prints  to patriotic flags and fun pictures, she finishes off all of her creations by sealing the nails with a Seche Vite top coat that could probably survive a nuclear attack, four days later there is still not a single chip or scratch on my nails. I cant wait to see more from Pippa and will definitely be going back for another nail makeover.

Here is just some of her work.


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