My Style Crush.

We all have someone, a celebrity whose entire wardrobe you would die for. Well my style crush is Blake Lively. Ever since exploding on to our TV screens as Serena Van Der Woodsen in the hit teen drama Gossip Girl, Blake hasn’t missed a best dressed list and was voted one of the top 35 most stylish women to look out for by Glamour UK.

The beautiful actress was born in LA into a show biz family so I can understand how style comes naturally when you grow up in that kind of environment, especially if your mother is a former model, and it is her who initially inspired Blake to take an interest in clothes. With her mothers helping hand, as a child Blake dressed in garments from boutiques and vintage stores as well as in adult clothes that were tailored to fit her. Unfortunately Lively’s early sence of style was not as appreciated by her school peers as it is by the fashion world now, and  she was bullied because she wasnt dressed like all the other kids. Those days are now long gone and Blake Lively’s style is praised world-wide.

Since Gossip Girl the actress has appeared on the covers of multiple fashion magazines including Vogue, Allure, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, and its no wonder that Anna Wintour loves her, and has featured Blake on several US Vogue covers. Not only is she tall, beautiful and talented she is also very down to earth, with a smile like she’s your best friend and a perfect wardrobe. Blake Lively knows exactly how to dress herself and what suits her, hitting on trend every time. With some help from the wardrobe on set, from which she admits to often taking Serena’s clothes home, her personal wardrobe is a dream. A collaboration of off the runway, vintage, designer and high street it is the envy if any girl, especially me!

Here are some of my favourite recent looks from Blake.


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