Cher Factor.

Despite her inability to perform at her final X-factor audition at judges houses, 16 year old Cher Lloyd still sneaked her way into the live shows. I admit the brilliance of her first audition and boot camp performance, however her final audition was far from brilliant, in fact she didn’t even sing the song and there were 5 other fantastic female contestants who did deliver, but got the boot over Katie and Cher.

So why is it that the young bundle of nerves was chosen above the other talent. My opinion: because she’s right up Cheryl’s street!  Cheryl Cole claimed Cher as a favourite from the start fighting to be the judge for her category and calling her a ‘mini-me,’ well she’s definitely got Cheryl’s chav-chic look down to perfection. Although Cher’s singing abilities are not amazing the teenager is captivating and makes great viewing, much like the judge herself.

At her first audition Cher Lloyd impressed wearing torn up, faded, baggy jeans, ski-high boots and a military jacket. I’d say classic teenage fashion, but if we look back at Cheryl Cole’s performance on last years X-factor, debuting her then new single ‘fight for this love,’ her outfit: baggy trousers, ski-high heels and a military style jacket. Seems to me that Cheryl has been an inspiration to the young contestant long before she auditioned this year, Cher has even said that she is ‘over the moon’ to have Cheryl as her judge. I hope that following in Cheryl’s foot steps stops at her fashion sence and success for Cher.

Cher                               Cheryl

See a resemblance?


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