A Fashionable Mind.

For me developing the mind is just as (and I dare say if not more) important as developing your personal style. As someone who loved school I still try to educate myself, I love nature and animal programs, going to exhibitions, museums, visiting different countries and learning about their cultures, but mostly I love reading. I read anything novels, fiction, non-fiction, history, chick flicks and my favourite read, apart from magazines is autobiography’s. I love reading about people, their lives, their success and how they turned their failures around, it inspires me to progress with my own life and let go of anything I have been unhappy with.

A lot of the reading I do is for research, autobiography’s of past fashion icons such us Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel as well as the histories of high fashion designers. Although a lot of this is work related, I wouldn’t read these books if I wasnt interested in them, there’s nothing better in my eyes than to learn about how just a small idea developes into a global phenomenon. These people just blow me away.

Weather it be work or pleasure I love to read, here is whats currently on my reading list:

  • Alan Sugar – What you get is what you see. His official autobiography. (currently reading)
  • Blow by Blow – The story of Isabella Blow by Detmar Blow and Tom Sykes. A fashion legend who shocked the international fashion world by ending her life in 2007.
  • Mini Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella. The 4th in the series of the hilarious Shopaholic books.
  • The Various – Steve Augarde. A fiction story of fairies and other magical creatures praised by critics.
  • Mr Nice – The true story of Howard Marks, worlds most wanted man.

I know that this blog is very different to everything else that I have written but I wanted for you all to get to know me a little better and to hopefully to see that there is the same amount of pleasure in reading a book or going to an exhibition as there is in buying clothes and searching through fashion websites, take my word for it! And if your worried about how you could fit all this in, don’t worry there is actually plenty of time in the day, you just have to make it.


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