Selfridges: The home of all shoes!

I, like every other girl love shoes! What I don’t love is having to search all over town for the perfect pair every time I get the shoe buying bug (often,) and now thanks to Selfridges neither I or you will ever have to again.

Along with architect Jamie Fobert the wonderful people at Selfridges have created a shoe heaven. Six unique shoe galleries which are surrounded by 11 beautiful shoe boutiques add up to the biggest shoe department in the world, displaying 4,000 pairs of shoes from over 150 brands, all backed up by the 55,000 pairs that are in stock at any given time. You will never fail to find the perfect shoes again!

Each of the 11 shoe boutiques were designed with the help of some of the worlds most iconic brands allowing the shopper inside the mind and world of each of the amazing designers, some of which have created a pair of shoes exclusively for Selfridges. My favourite being the Christian Louboutin Margot. Isn’t it beautiful?

The genius campaign which was shot by Bruce Weber and inspired by the daughter of the creative director at Selfridges, just proves that our shoe obsession is something we are born with. It features a little girl surrounded by her mothers shoe with the shoeperhero, “a new breed of superhero who can solve any shoe crisis.” I think its brilliant!

In celebration of the shoe galleries Selfridges are running a competition you don’t want to miss out on. Go on to the website, send them your shoe story and be in for the amazing chance to win a gorgeous new pair of shoes and one lucky winner will grab a year supply of shoes from Selfridges. Get writing quick there’s only a few weeks left of the competition.

If like me you have been a little bit late in visiting the shoe galleries I suggest that you take your next available day and indulge in shoe heaven, but make sure you don’t plan anything else that day because you probably wont want to leave.


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