Oooh La La Paris!

After a weekend in Paris, a fashion capital and a city that screams style and elegance at you as soon as you step onto one of its beautiful streets, I found myself inspired by the Parisian women. Whilst walking around the city I witnessed hundreds of women go past me of all ages, shapes and sizes, each and every one of them looking absolutely magnificent, even if they were just running to the corner shop. Although not always in the key items of the season or the latest off the runway fashions they all still look enviably stylish.

I must admit I developed a slight obsession with their elegance, noting details of their outfits as well as the almost arrogant way in which they conducted themselves and how rather than disliking these women for this type of behaviour it just added to their appeal. Here in the U.K I sometimes find, that although many people look fantastic, stylish and elegant it all appears to be a little bit too done, as though people have tried far too hard to achieve their amazing looks but actually cant wait to get into their joggers when back home. Whereas for the women of Paris it all seems natural, like they roll out of bed looking just as fantastic as they do walking down the street. It appears that they have created a lifestyle out of fashion and style, no one looks out of place or overdressed or like they have tried too hard. No one is wearing something that is not suited to them personally just because they are told its in fashion or because they saw Kate Moss wearing it. The women of Paris know what suits them and aim for constant elegance and femininity, tailoring latest fashion to their own requirements, which in my eyes are all the elements of true style icons and not someone who copied an outfit off the runway or from a celebrity.


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