Rebecca’s got the Style Factor!

Every Saturday night like the majority of the country I tune into X-Factor, but for some reason this year, it’s not because of the endless talent as the talent ends after 3 performances for me. It’s not because I have weird crush on 1 Direction and it’s not because Rebecca and Matt are amazing, it’s because I can’t wait to see what gorgeous Scouser Rebecca is wearing and has been wearing in the past week. Not only has she got a fantastic voice, she has a flawless sence of style, which has been obvious since she first walked onto the audition stage looking very Audrey Hepburn-esque in a black dress with her hair up in a high bun. She always looks feminine and elegant whilst staying relevant in fashion and I find that what she wears on the X-factor stage, where I would guess she is styled and groomed for hours by a team of people is no comparison to her off duty personal style, even though she still looks amazing.

A style star is born. She’s definitely a winner!


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4 Responses to Rebecca’s got the Style Factor!

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