Dress Up!

With the upcoming festive season there is no doubt that your social calendars will be filling up in no time. With so many party’s and events to attend dressing yourself can get very stressful (for me anyway) I find the easy way out is always go with the dress, so I just wanted to show you what options are out there.

        REISS: Vivienne sequin dress £120                ALL SAINTS: Ceri dress £135


        FRENCH CONNECTION £130             KAREN MILLEN: Leather studded dress £350


                         H&M: Velvet dress £14.99                                   H&M: Leopard print chiffon £29.99




                                      FRENCH CONNECTION: Dani Crepe Strapless bodycon Dress £80


                                                          TOPSHOP: Piano Demelza dress by Motel £30 


                                                    TOPSHOP: Velvet Asymmetric Dress by Love £32




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