The sale’s now in full swing and better than ever before, which for me is perfect as my bank balance looks very sad post Christmas, but who can resist a good sale!? With a ‘buy sensibly plan’ I decided to only visit my favourites from the high street Reiss and French Connection to see if I can find any super bargains for the things I’ve drooled over for the last couple months. Only slightly steering off the plan I had a little sneaky peak in Selfridges, but only in the shoe galleries! And lucky I did as I found the most beautiful Elie Tahari black leather flats for only £55!

Here’s some other stuff I found.

From Reiss this oversized Jumper for £62 from £125. Also a pair of skinny jeans for £30 from £89, a long silk shirt for £30 from £90, a printed jersey tank top for £19 from £49 and a jeweled T-shirt for £30 from £89.

In French Connection I found,

Dress bought for £55 from £140

This dress for £65 from £95 and last but not least the below pair of  biker boots for £60 unfortunately I can’t remember the original price of these boots.

Aside from the above I saw so many amazing pieces at a minimum of 50% off, not only on the high street but designer too! With that kind of reduction fighting the massive crowds of bargain hunters is made worth it! So if you have been longing for an item of clothing, a pair of shoes or an accessory that seemed just a little bit out of budget a couple of weeks ago, in the next few days go treat yourself and with the sale only getting bigger and better who knows what else you’ll find!

Happy sale shopping!


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