La Belle Poubelle!!


Vintage clothing is something that we all love and would love to wear well. However browsing tiny vintage shops bursting with worn out 80’s jumpers and stone washed denim can leave many uninspired and headed straight back to Topshop to buy the same dress as hundreds of others, saying goodbye to individuality once again! Don’t get me wrong, I’m the prime example of this type of behaviour so I felt in luck when I discovered that an old friend and fellow model Zoe Havler has been making somewhat of a stamp on London’s vintage trade.


As a long time collector of Vintage clothing Zoe decided to finally sell her closet full of 20’s ball gowns after the realisation that there never is much reason or occasion to wear all of them, even in the fashion world. So last March she set up Labelle Poubelle, a blog to write about and advertise her collection. After amazing initial success Zoe opened up shop on Portobello Market and her success continued to grow.


ZOE: “I didn’t expect them to sell as well as they did, so I just carried on buying and selling. It’s actually a bit of an addiction, I just love vintage, it’s an art to me.”


FASHION WATCHING: “So what inspires you?”


ZOE: “Both my parents collected antiques and our living room was full of them. They were both ridiculously stylish in the 60’s and 70’s and have given me the ability to appreciate a certain aesthetic. I’m also inspired by icons such as Mata Hari and modern day beauties such as Bjork, who are the epitome of individuality for me, which is my key inspiration whether it be in fashion, music or dance”


FASHION WATCHING: “What kind of pieces do you look for?”


ZOE: “I look for pre 1950’s clothing with the odd very special 60’s or 70’s piece. I look for rare pieces and particularly love 30’s dresses. Chantilly lace and Chiffon dresses are always at the top of my list as well as Kimono’s, one can never have too many Kimonos’! I despise 80’s clothing as do most serious vintage collectors, we don’t see it as vintage, just old clothes.”


FASHION WATCHING: “I’ve read that you’ve had a few famous customers. How does that feel?”


ZOE: “I have had some famous people buying from me, but really don’t read gossip magazines so I don’t know many faces or who many people are. At times I’ll be chatting away to somebody and then someone else will come over to say to me ‘you do know that was Daisy Lowe right?’ I do now!


FASHION WATCHING: “So who would be your ideal customer? Who would you love to see wear the pieces you collect?”


ZOE: “My ideal customer is a vintage collector as I don’t have to explain the price to them, they just know when something is rare, in good condition and has unusual detail or fabric. One of the best parts of the job is meeting different types of people everyday to chat with, you tend to the see the better side of people when they are shopping for a party dress. But I love any friendly customer who comes over to oooh and ahhhh appreciatively.”


FASHION WATCHING: “I know that you have closed Labelle Poubelle for the winter, but I’m dying to know when you are re-opening.


ZOE: “I’ll be doing all the vintage fairs in London and will be up dating my blog with all the upcoming events and new garments”


FASHION WATCHING: “Lastly do you have any tips for me and my readers on how to wear and get the best out of vintage?”


ZOE: “Mix it up with modern designers and some high street, it doesn’t have to be a head to toe look. A little vintage chiffon slip or dress with a great leather jacket and some brogues for example would give you a perfectly eclectic look without you looking like a victim of vintage overload. However you can’t beat a full vintage look for an evening out! A gorgeous 20’s cocktail dress will always ensure you look unique and you can be certain the nightmare of someone else turning up in the same dress will never happen.”


I hope this interview leaves you feeling a little more vintage inspired and shows you that it’s not that hard to find amazing and unusual pieces, you just have to look in the right place!


Visit or follow the link in my blogroll to view the garments in Zoe’s collection and for the latest updates on her blog. If you would like more information you can email

Happy Shopping!



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