The Future’s looking Sunny!

Last Wednesday night Sunny Williams brought the fashion pack to Soho to debut his pre-season A/W11 collection, which filled club Punk to capacity more than twice over. Front row, some of London’s most important faces in fashion including, Grazia and the kings of the high street Topshop!

The collection named ‘The Radical Tale We Tell’ was inspired by the things that excite the 24 year old designer, English heritage, abstract art, rock & roll and of course  couture designers.

“Our trade mark is high fashion with an edge, a crooked smile.”

To achieve this, Sunny used raw edges and contrasting fabrics, which were reinvented by treatment with bleach, being run over by a car or shot by a gun and then hand embellished with that unique couture finish that gave Sunny’s first collection its magic touch.

“I feel like I’m getting into my own movement and I will attack it like The Clash attacked punk rock”

Sunny’s passion as an artist is very obvious throughout the entire collection. Each piece is individually finished by hand and personally written poetry sewn into the linings, all show his desire to create good quality, unique fashion as well as his incredible talent and craftsmanship. This also highlights his love for the individual and the want to give his customer ‘ The Sunny Girl’ clothes with thought and a meaning rather than just something to wear.

“The Sunny Girl will be someone who’s not so much a lover of fashion, but a lover of the character and personality that fashion can create.”

When asked where Sunny sees himself in the future, his answer was one of determination and passion.

“I intend to be a great designer by the time I’m 30. I want to be a superhero. Fashion is my life and I want to be projected into doing it at an international level”

“I simply must be a great artist and will die trying!”

As for the House of Sunny, the near future is set to be a busy one. Shooting for magazines, creating a campaign and most exciting of all preparing for the first London Fashion Week show.

I think Sunny will have no problems achieving his dream.

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visit or become a fan on Facebook!/pages/Sunny-Couture/109040122481430

Myself & Sunny Williams


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