The Vintage Scarf!

You may be aware from previous posts that I am a big fan of Vintage, but mostly shy away from it for fear of looking too overdone or making an 80’s purchase (I’m told that’s a no no is the serious vintage world.) Usually my answer to any ‘unsuited to me’ trend dilemmas is accessories and this case has now proven to be no exception.

My discovery of The Vintage Scarf was somewhat of a vintage epiphany! The beautiful website sells authentic vintage accessories with a special focus on womans scarves. It was created to provide the most elegant, fashionable and quality scarves without the high price. Founder Paula Horlick has one goal and that is for you (the customer) to look your best without paying a lot of money. Music to your ears? It certainly is to mine!

With a huge variety of silk, vintage designer and animal print scarves you’ll be spoiled for choice, but with all items below the $20 mark there will be no need to limit yourself to just one! At such amazing prices you can update your collection with every change of fashion trend and make any outfit new.

Not only does The Vintage Scarf offer you beautiful, authentic vintage accessories, you can also find tips on how to best wear vintage as well as a few very easy tips on tying your scarf.

FashionWatching’s favourite is this Purple, Floral, Square Scarf, which is bang on for next seasons bright and floral trends.

Visit to choose your favourite and check out the blog for the latest news and tips from the Vintage Scarf


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  1. Gigi says:

    Hi, I came across your blog thru another site! And I really like your writing style.
    Would you be interested in doing a fashion guest post on my blog (

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