You need to know Verity Pemberton!

Verity Pemberton is something of an inspiration and not only to those in the fashion industry but to anyone who has a passion to pursue a career. By the age of 22 she had graduated from the Winchester College of Art, Showed a collection at Graduate Fashion Week that was not only awarded by Peter Jensen but also won the Mulberry Accessories award, started her own magazine ‘Fanzine: They Dont Know Yet, designed for and dressed Florence, yes Florence as in ‘the Machine,’ was sponsored by Swarovski using the crystals to make the most beautiful jacket I’ve ever seen, had her pieces featured in Elle and Grazia and she is now a designer for Urban Outfitters. 

Luckily Verity was able to take some time from her whirl wind of a schedule to answer a few questions for FashionWatching about her prosperous career and exactly how she manages to so much so well.

FashionWatching: Did you always want to work in fashion?

Verity: “Yes from about the age of 12 I started dressing up, making my own clothes and I would always accompany my mum to vintage fares which I found really exciting so I guess it just graduated from that.”

FashionWatching: Was designing always your aspiration?

Verity: “Originally I wanted to be a fashion writer but I found styling and designing that bit more suited to me-although I tried knitwear design first but wasn’t patient enough!”

FashionWatching: How long have you been working with Urban Outfitters? whats the best part about it?

Verity: “About a year-I really enjoy the amount of areas I can work in from print to accessories design to underwear and womens wear, it’s really fun working with all the different teams and collaborating on ideas.”

FashionWatching: Do you have a lot of creative input in terms of inspiration for new items or are there certain guides that you have to stick to?

Verity: “The head designer and I put together the mood boards and I just generally bring in anything I see that inspires me and take it from there.”

FashionWatching: Tell me about your magazine?

Verity: “I started my fanzine at college and the 9th issue is being put together now-however with a completely different look which I’m quite excited about. Featuring shoots, interviews and collaborations from people who I find inspiring it’s just a mush mash of everything I find interesting and hope that other people do too!”

FashionWatching: You seem like quite a multi tasker is there anything else that you do and how do you manage to fit everything in?

Verity: “I don’t like doing just one thing I find it boring although trying to fit everything in can get really stressful sometimes. I  have a blog, play lacrosse, I also play the drums I have for about 9 years I would love to be in a band that’s something I still want to do as playing the drums on your own I not very satisfying! And I do styling on the weekends which is fun as it normally involves my friends. I also want to write a book but that’s something that can wait!”

FashionWatching: You’ve had a lot of success already in your career but what’s the most exciting thing that you have done or that has happened to you so far?

Verity: I was made into a character for the beano that was pretty cool as I was always a massive beano fan, winning the Mulberry accessories award was a massive surprise too so that was pretty nice.”

FashionWatching: What do you see for your self in the future?

Verity: “I’m not sure I would like to be creative director of a brand so that I can be in charge of all aspects of it from the styling/art direction to mood board themes to design. Or I would like to start my own brand starting with accessories.”


Verity’s collection:


Visit Verity’s blog


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