The Secrets out.

It’s time for us all to relax and stop the weeks of speculating about who will take the honor of designing Kate Middleton’s Wedding dress because, the secrets out and the chosen designer will be none other than Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen, the woman keeping the legendary name alive.

Sarah Burton had been McQueen’s right hand for 14 years, since she won an internship with his design team. She was appointed the head of woman’s wear in 2000 and last year very humbly accepted the role of creative director after the unexpected death of Alexander McQueen.

The dress has been set to be a collaboration between Burton’s extensive knowledge of high fashion and Kate’s own vision for her wedding dress. I’m sure that Kate is very aware exactly how scrutinised this dress will be and perhaps what helped her make up her mind to hand this sought after task to Burton and the House of McQueen is her previous high-profile commissions.

In 2005 Sarah Burton created the gown worn by Sara Buys for her Royal Wedding to Tom Parker Bowles, that’s Camilla’s son. She was also the woman behind the striking red dress worn by Michelle Obama earlier this year and she would have also been part of the team behind creating the exquisite wedding dress for socialite and Vogue journalist Plum Sykes in 2006.

I can’t wait until April to see this dress! McQueen is one of favourite labels, their creations are spectacular and I am sure that this will be the most coveted dress since the one created by The Emanuel’s for Princess Diana in 1981.

Plum Sykes- courtesy of

Michelle Obama - courtesy of google images


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