When aspiring make up artist and friend Jessica Myhill told me she had an interview at London College of Fashion this week, I couldn’t have been more than happier for her. When she told me she had two days to finish her portfolio and asked myself and another friend (Laura to model for her, I was a little unsure due to a slight fear of the camera lens since I quit modelling, however I was desperate to help and did not want to let her down. So I pulled myself together and early Saturday morning (under slept and over caffeinated) drove over to Laura’s house, which we were using as a location.

The result was incredible! not only did I have the most fun Saturday morning in a while but the make up was beautiful. First we did an old Levi/CK ad inspired shot: natural, unposed, jeans and white tank. The second shot (my personal favourite) was named broken dolls, Full of colour with heavy almost metallic make-up.

Here’s a little sneak peak at what we did for Jessica’s portfolio.

photography by Beth Power

Photography by Beth Power

Photography by Beth Power

Good Luck Jess!


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