Smoking Kate returns to the catwalk!

The buzz around the fashion world last night through to today has been the return of supermodel Kate Moss to the catwalk. After 3 years away from the shows last night she walked for Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter 11-12 collection wearing tiny black hot pants with a sheer shirt accessorized with a lit cigarette which Kate carried on smoking all the way down the runway following in the foot steps of Lady Gaga at the Thierry Mugler show last week.

Considering it was National non-smoking day yesterday in France, Kate was met with cheers from the audience but later was showered with criticism for once again glamourising smoking. Although it is a well know bad habit of Kate’s and yes, not the best message to give to young girls who idealise her as well as the contriversial fashion industry, I really think (and maybe I’m not right to) that critics have to sometimes realise that Catwalk shows are just that, shows. They are the theatre production of the fashion world and what’s seen during this production should not be taken so seriously. No one would ever criticize the portrail of Holly Golightly by Anna Friel in the broadway version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for smoking because it’s a show, entertainment and smoking is part of the character.

Weather celebrities are shown smoking on every page of gossip magazines or not, everyone is still aware of the bad effects that smoking has on health and I’m sure are able to make their own choices from that knowledge.

What I find a little more shocking in this particular case is that Kate dragging on a cigarette was not the only part of her return to the catwalk that has been criticized. This morning across national newspapers was a close up of Kate bum highlighting a tiny bit of cellulite that probably wouldnt have been seen if not pointed out. I think these types of images with large critical headlines give more of a bad impression to young girls and cause bad self-image. At 37 years of age, mother of one Kate Moss, whose body has previously been scrutinised for being too thin and fragile, now has one of the most amazing, slim and toned figures ever seen. Cellulite is something that most woman come across in their lives, something pretty natural and to criticize a highly public figure like Kate Moss for having a minute amount on her tiny frame is ridiculous. After much struggle to promote a healthier body image in the fashion world any progress made could potentially be reversed if images like this one of Kate Moss are publicized and criticized by press.

Kate your beautiful!


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