FW’s Look of the week.

This week in honour of Wimbledon I have decided to go for Maria Sharapova in McQueen at the Pre Wimbledon party which was held at the Kensington Roof Gardens.

The dress was especially designed for Sharapova for this event. As with the other tennis stars who were chosen by various designers, the team at McQueen chose the Russian athlete as their respective tennis muse.

I loved this look because I think the beautiful Sharapova completely transformed here from the powerful amazon sprinting and grunting on the tennis court to a playfully feminine style star, still managing to keep her air of strength and power with the bold, red colour of her dress.

I also love the simplicity of this look. Hair loosely pulled back, not too much make up and statement jewelry that does not overpower her.  I think its perfect.

You’ve won on the red carpet now go win out on the court!!!! Good Luck Maria!


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One Response to FW’s Look of the week.

  1. nanoo says:

    Thank you for a great post.

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