Enter the House of Sunny.

In line with the resent heat wave things at the House of Sunny have been hotting up since we last met.

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to catch up with Sunny Williams to chat about the launch of his new website and the new collection which, is set to catapult the emerging designer into the world of fashion elite and beyond.

1. Its been several months since we first met and I can imagine that many new things have happened but what has been the most exciting for you?

Everything has been amazing but getting my first image on online Vogue Italia in the first season gave me a spring in his step. I remember as a child finding a Vogue in a cafe and thinking that I’d never seen Ladies like this, so the hunt was on to find them and learn more about them, they enchanted me and Vogue really set a standard of taste for me also.

2. Has the vision for The House of Sunny changed in any way since your first show?

Our first show was just about not over powering one style or really trying to be extraordinary, it was about just putting something out there, what we felt was right, expressing and testing the market with an idea. We have learnt so much and come so far and the design has really changed. I personally feel you must know everything about something if you really want to be close to it. So I make it my business to learn about every aspect of this life, the brand, product and the meanings of what I can project, So I can know how to sew, how to manufacture, know how to read the market, how to drive a team, how to achieve a beautiful handwriting that can be remembered and embraced. Great Fashion these days is really about intelligence, you have to explore and understand the material you surround yourself with. Without giving too much away, our next collection is really about celebrating thought, beautiful nature and the way a woman should dress.

3.The launch of your new website is fast approaching, I believe Thursday is the day, are you excited and are there any surprises in store?

Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but the site will be a place to visit and find out news and stories of my teams travels to perfection. We are a quintessentially British brand, but like a 1960s bond film, we will take the viewers much further than just England. Our site also see’s the launch of our online e-commerce boutique and also the launch of Sunny TV.

4. Tell me about your collaborations, I hear that you have had some amazing people involved?

I just love the idea of vision, I love to work with a team, and there is nothing more attractive than passion, that’s probably why I love Paris. We are artist’s who create, I won’t tell you any names yet as it’s under wraps until the website tells all, but we look to the future with bright eyes, thinking about shoe design, dress and hat design. We’ve got fantastic illustrators, a film team  brilliant pattern cutters, photographers and an amazing PR company. All will be revealed shortly and you can all get a sneak peek at our Launch party.

5. Fashion week is only a couple of months away. Are preparations well underway?

Firstly, we don’t sleep, perhaps one day, but at the moment we have really been focused on the infrastructure of our label, thinking about where we are going, and mostly the product. We are not showing a catwalk show this September, we are doing a launch party in fashion week and a live stream of the event straight to our website for those who can’t make it, For those who can, its your chance to see what we have in store for the February show and enjoy a screening of our latest film from Sunny TV. It’s going to be a really mega event.

6.Whats the inspiration for your new collection?

It’s about a Lady from London who falls in love with the Fibonacci Theory
and runs away on a beautiful train journey through the landscapes of Kenya.

7. What else is in the pipeline for the House of Sunny?

We are currently working with some pop stars celebrities and presenters on special pieces for big events, it’s all hush-hush at the moment, but the design is very exclusive and we want to explore dressing a whole range of new exciting people to really find what we do best. Another thing is I have discovered a new formula that no fashion designer has every used before and I plan on locking myself away and mastering it. This idea could be everything and has most definitely changed my life. I plan to use it on my next collection and hopefully change someone else’s.


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