Beauty Watch…. Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial

It’s very rare that I find a beauty product I love and that works. I have very sensitive skin, so if a product is too scented or has too many ingredients it usually makes my skin break out in spots and rashes rather than helping it.

I had never heard of Sarah Chapman before her amazing Overnight Facial serum landed on my door step to test. Sarah is a cult beauty expert with her own clinic in London’s prestigious Kensington where her facials, which are dubbed as legendary are also highly rated by high society, celebrity and even royalty. With clients such as Naomi Watts and Jemma Kidd, whose skin is always perfectly porcelain I was already convinced I had a good product on my hands. What I didn’t know was quite how good.

Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis overnight facial is a rejuvenating night oil, which keeps your skin moisturized during its peak repairing time, whilst lifting and perfecting and unusually so, it does exactly what it says on the box!

After massaging a small amount onto my face before bed I was little nervous that I would wake up in the morning with an invasion of spots as the serum is quite heavily scented with the beautiful smell of Jasmine and essential oils, however I woke up with a glowing, toned complexion that felt silky and soft. The cashmere texture of the serum makes it a perfect product for skin that is a little dry and will leave it looking radiant and refreshed.

One of the best things about the overnight facial is that it is very easy to use, there are no scary instructions telling you that you can only rub it in, in a certain direction but just four short lines on the back of the box that instruct to massage into the skin at night. This product can be bought on Beauty Expert, which sells a huge variety of great beauty products  and although at £45 it’s a little pricey with this product a little goes a long way and it will last you for some time whilst continuously leaving your skin smooth with a radiant healthy glow.

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One Response to Beauty Watch…. Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial

  1. Libby says:

    Your story was ralely informative, thanks!

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