A Smart Wardrobe Plan.

After a weekend away in England’s beautiful Dorset, I found myself this morning in my office dealing with what I like to call post holiday depression. Although I am only 23 I always imagine that this time is much like having a miniature mid-life crisis as I begin to re-arrange and re-organize different parts of my life.

This time it is my wardrobe that is going to feel my post holiday wrath in the shape of a complete overhaul. I am one of those people who shops on a whim, buying random pieces of clothing here and there without any thought just because I like it. Majority of the time I come home to find that it doesn’t go with anything else in my wardrobe, hang it up and not see it again for about 6 months after which I decide to give it away to a friend. In our hard economic times this is neither practical nor good for my bank account, and the frustration of having a wardrobe full of clothes and still nothing to wear is unlike any other type that I have experienced. Well no more, I have a plan!


  • To purchase with thought, simple classic items which can be mixed and matched to then pair with seasonal key pieces, colours or patterns which again are to be bought with consideration of my wardrobe.


  • One pair of blue denim jeans (already purchased from Levis @ Westfields London, the Demi Curve skinny jean £90)
  • One pair of black jeans: These J Brand high-rise skinny jeans are my favourite at the moment. These can be purchased from most department stores as well as independent shops like Question Air in London’s Hampstead. Ok, I know J Brands can be a little pricey, however a good pair of well fitted jeans is an investment and an item that be worn again and again.


You can mix and match tops and t-shirts like these with jeans, skirts or trousers. The great thing about a good quality, smart t-shirt is that it is very versatile, you can make it look smart for the office by pairing with a blazer and tucking into a pencil skirt or a pair of wide leg trousers, then later dress it up with a necklace, a wedge and a clutch to go for a cocktail or dress it down with some pumps and a pair of skinny’s.

  • A good blazer; this will always be a buy with longevity if bought correctly. You can buy a blazer relevant to the current trend that also won’t look old if worn in another 6 months time. Go for something in a slightly tamer colour with simple lines. On the high street Topshop or Zara are always a great place to look for these, however I think I’m going to go for this Iva Kingfisher Relaxed pocket blazer from my old favourite Reiss to add to my collection. It is a great length and colour and can be paired with jeans to smarten up a look or a dress for the office.

Wardrobe staples like these are great things to have so that with every change of season you only need to buy a couple of the key items to keep up to date, that you can mix and match with the core of your wardrobe. Much better than selling you heart and soul (literally) trying to afford a new wardrobe with every passing fashion week.

Along with the above I also have my eye on these great loafers from Russell & Bromley and am hoping to find a couple of simple, style savvy dresses with clean cuts and a great shape as well as loose blouses, preferably silk, which can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion.

Remember accessories can go a long way in determining the look of an outfit and are often a lot cheaper than buying a different outfit for every occasion, depending on the item obviously but then again, it would impractical as well as hypocritical to this smart way of wardrobe thinking to go spending a fortune on statement jewelery unless it is a timeless piece.

A smart wardrobe is my new challenge so wish me luck, I will keep you up to date with my purchases.


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3 Responses to A Smart Wardrobe Plan.

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