Wish Want Wear

“You have the taste for champagne but the budget for Lemonade!” How many times have you heard this heart-breaking phrase? Unfortunately I have a lot!

I have always been a girly girl, I love dressing up in designer things and on more than one occasion have bought something I can’t really afford, to wear to an occasion and then desperately try to justify it by coming up with as many other places and events I could wear the item to, to only be kidding myself, knowing full well that after worn once, that item of clothing or accessory will never again see the light of day.  If this sounds like you then I suggest you keep reading because I have found an online heaven for the shopaholic fashionista.

Wish Want Wear is the fashion rental website started by 3 girls with a shopping habit, a love for fashion and a designer fetish. With Wish Want Wear they have created a virtual online closet of every girls dreams. If you’ve ever fantasized about having a selection of vintage Chanel handbags at your disposal or Temperley dresses, one for every occasion, with Wish Want Wear all your fantasies can become realities at a tiny fraction of the retail price.

Just browse the website and select an item. Next select the size and dates required after which you will be taken to view a collection of your chosen item, i.e dresses, that will be available on the requested dates in your size. It’s like a personal shopper without the massive bill at check out. You will be sent your beautiful designer item perfectly packaged and once your are finished with it simply pop the item in the post back to Wish Want Wear inside the provide envelope. It’s very easy and they will even sort out the dry cleaning for you. What more could you wish for?!


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12 Responses to Wish Want Wear

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