Come back to VFNO

It has been quite a while since FashionWatching last saw a new blog and what better way to come back then with Vogue’s Fashion Nights Out.

I have never been one to shy away from a bit of shopping so when I finished working last Thursday I was more than ready for what Bond Street had to offer. Or so I thought, but I found that I wasn’t quite prepared for what VFNO had to offer this year and it wasn’t the new collections that had my attention but the carnival like feeling of the whole event. With a swing band and dancers taking centre bond street, Burlesque dancers dressed in not much else but feathers, food and drinks outside every store and an my favourite part the old air stream bus come traveling hair salon which had a que to rival that outside the McQueen shop, of girls desperate to sort out their ‘just finished work and it’s nearly fashion week’ hair. The fashion parade didn’t stop at the designers and celebrities the waiting crowds outside each store were all dressed to impressed, some extravagantly, some in their latest pret-a-porter and others still holding onto the sunshine with the best of summer fashion. Awestruck by all the commotion I even forgot to shop before I had to run to a dinner. Oh well there’s always another time.

My Favourite bits from VFNO


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